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302 S. Lake St. PO Box 123, Boyne City, Michigan

Ernest Peterson Post 228

The Veteran of the Month Program

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The Veteran of the Month program was adopted by Ernest Peterson Post 228 in September 1999 and has honored a deceased Veteran every month since then.


The Veteran of the Month program was conceived for the express purpose of acknowledging Veterans who served honorably in the military of the United States of American and have answered the final call.  The prgram reinforces the fact the freedoms we all enjoy are not free and the sacrifices of time, blood and lives made by our military members is the price that has been paid.  Particular focus is directed toward the youth of our community in an effort to instill in them a patriotism bolstered by an understanding of the costs of the freedoms we often take for granted.


The Veteran of the Month program is intended to honor any deceased Veteran who served honorably in the United States military.  Membership in any Veteran's organization is not required for eligibility or for nomination of a Veteran.

The Flag Ceremony

At 6:15 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month, the Flag Ceremony is conducted in front of The American Legion Post 228 hall.

  • The biography of the previous month's Veteran is read, with information on where and when he or she served and his or her life prior to and following that service.
  • The Burial Flag of that Veteran, which has flown for the past month, is lowered as the Bugler plays "Taps" and the Post Members and other Veterans render a hand salute.  The flag is then folded, cased, and presented to a family member.
  • The biography of the current month's Veteran is read. 
  • The Burial Flag of that Veteran is hoisted aloft, to fly for one month, as the Bugler plays "To The Colors" and the Post Members and other Veterans render a hand salute.

Honorary Dinner

Following the Flag Ceremony, a dinner is served in the Post dining area in Honor of the previous month's Veteran and his or her family. 


To Honor Your Veteran

It should be noted we endeavor to highlight the major events and accomplishments in the Veteran's life, but more particularly focus on his or her military service.

Required Information

  1. Veteran's full name.
  2. Date and place of birth.
  3. Department of Defense form 214 (DD214), Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, which indicates the Veteran's primary military occupation, dates of service and any and all awards received.  Other discharge papers, orders, or other forms of separation papers will also be helpful.  If you do not have the DD214, information on obtaining one can be found online at or through a link at
  4. Date of death and a copy of the obiturary for the Veteran.
  5. Names and relationships of the family members and/or friends honoring the Veteran.
  6. The Burial Flag used at the Veteran's funeral or service.  If there was no Burial Flag draped on the Veteran's coffin or presented to the family at the time of death, we can submit the proper forms on your behalf to obtain one.
  7. Picture of the Veteran in uniform, if possible.  Otherwise, a picture representing the era of his or her service will suffice.
  8. Month you would prefer to Honor your Veteran.  Normally, this is on a first come basis, but we will try to accommodate special requests when we can.

Additional Information

  1. Schools attended, including high school and college if applicable, with dates and degrees received.
  2. Vocation prior to entering military service.
  3. Date and place of marriage and spouse's maiden name (if applicable).
  4. Vocation after leaving military service, including date and location of retirement (if applicable).
  5. Activities and hobbies
  6. Any additional information you would like included in the reading at the Ceremony.


We encourage as many family members as possible attend both the raising of and the retiring of the Honored Veteran's Burial Flag, generally four or five weeks apart.  If any family members are unable to make both, it is recommend they plan on attending the retirement ceremony, to receive the folded and cased Flag.  If no representative is available to attend the retirement ceremony, a surrogate will be appointed to receive the flag on behalf of the family and private presentation will be made at a later date.


Program Chairman

For additional information or to start the process to Honor your Veteran, contact:

Mr. Gerald E. Evans, Chairman

10849 Coeling Rd.

Ellsworth, MI 49729




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